Marilyn Eyeglasses

Marilyn Eyeglasses $37.95 (click eyeglasses to zoom in). Multiple color/size options, good for single vision, bifocals, progressive

Marilyn Eyeglasses $177.95 Sale Price $37.95* (*single vision price)

Product ID (MP75-11LI)

Description: These eyeglasses are designed for men and women, and are unisex featuring multiple fashionable color choices. This glasses model is made of stylish plastic.

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Eyeglasses Use and Lenses Options (check mark indicates these frames can suppport use the respecitive lenses)
Single Vision:
Valid for single vision eyeglasses
Valid for bifocal eyeglasses
Valid for bifocal eyeglasses

Distance, Reading, Computer

Line in middle w/distance in upper portion of lens and near vision/reading in lower

Transition from distance vision through intermediate vision to near vision,
including all the in-between.

Eyeglasses Frame Attributes
Frame Color options: Frame Size options

Gender: Unisex Temple: Skull
amethyst, brown, demi amber
50-18-135, 52-18-140, 54-18-145

Age Group: Adult Bridge: Universal
Shape: Round Edge: Smooth
Hinge: Reg. Hinge Material: Plastic

[popup url=]Click here to learn more about Eyeglasses Frame Sizes[/popup]. If you require a ruler to meausure your frame size, you may print out a paper millimeter ruler to [popup url=]measure your old frames size[/popup]. When printing disable any shrink to fit option.

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Eyeglasses Model
Frame Color:
amethyst, brown, demi amber
Frame Size:
50-18-135, 52-18-140, 54-18-145
Eyeglasses use?
Thin Lens Options
UV Coating
Extra Lens Options:

Enter your eyeglasses prescription here ([popup url=]learn how to read your eyeglasses prescription[/popup]).  Make sure you include all (+) or minus (-) signs as they are in your prescription. We are not responsible for errors entered in prescription fields.

Right Eye (OD) Sphere (SPH) Right Eye Cylinder (CYL) Right Axis (AXI) Right Near addition (ADD)

Right Prism (optional)
Left Eye (OS) Sphere (SPH) Left Eye Cylinder (CYL) Left Eye Axis (AXI) Left Eye Near addition (ADD)

Left Prism (optional)
Total Pupillary Distance ([popup url=]PD Ruler[/popup])
Right PD (optional)
Left PD (optional)
Near PD (for reading glasses)
Additional information and eye Doctor information
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Note: extra charge of $18 applies to over powered extra strong prescriptions that require special lab customization work (note, over powered lenses require additional time to process).
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